“I want to thank Tyrone Taylor and Purfek Storm Group for helping me develop into a striking artist. I truly am thankful for meeting Joyce Stovall, who is my amazing and patient vocal coach. She taught me how to bring out my true voice and keep it healthy.”Matt Webb
“Thank You Tyrone and Purfek Academy! I’m having a great voice lesson experience with Ms. Joyce Stovall. She’s an amazing teacher. She has a great way of changing the way you sound to smooth it out and make it golden. Her techniques will have you believing you’re the next recording artist sensation! I love the way I sound when signing around the house. I can tell the difference in my tone and range. Here’s wising much success to the future of Purfek Academy!”Renée Gray
“I am a rapper and producer from Wichita Kansas. I was introduced to the staff at a showcase in New York City. Purfek Acrademy has allowed me to expand my brand and make meaningful connections. It has gave me access to industry professionals that I otherwise would not have been able to work with. Photographers engineers and great consultants. The staff has been very professional and caring. I’ve gotten weekly updates and the staff has been available to me whenever I’ve needed them or gotten back to me ASAP. I’ve used other consulting firms in the past and was very disappointed. this experience has been a great one and I will recommend it for any artist who wants to get more exposure or take their career to the next level. I have also being given opportunities to work with other major artists that I would not have had on my own. the Academy is a necessity for all series in the artist.”Iz R.
“I took my daughters ages 8 and 16, to an open house at Purfek Academy in NYC.  The vocal coach is amazing! She is formally trained and has an extensive client list!  Briefly working with my daughter, she was ready to begin that night! The partnership for the dance program with Purfek Academy and Funktion Dance Complex sealed the deal!  My children danced with Funktion previously and they were nothing short of a blessing! They love and nurture their students and their training is by far the best!  They have even produced talent that has been showcased on prime time television!  My daughters will be pursuing their passions at Purfek Academy!”Victorious H.