Acting 1 | $499
(4 Week Course)
(1 Class Weekly)
Tuesdays & Saturdays 1pm – 4pm

Acting 2 | $999
(8 Week Course)
(1 Class Weekly)
Thursdays 6pm – 9pm

Acting classes for beginners are available for adults and children who are interested in pursuing a career in acting in theater, film, television, or broadcast news media.  The beginner course is an eight (8) week course that focuses on the essentials of improvisation, stand up presentation, and live performance.  The course is taught by an experienced professional who understands the craft inside and out.  Each attendee of our beginner course will be challenged to participate in a class project where at the end of the course, they will show off their newly acquired skill for families, friends, and other staff members of the academy.
Participants will leave this course understanding how to utilize the basic tools required to act and improv in theater settings and on camera, as well as perform stand up presentations for general topic speeches or debates.
For more information regarding the course and tuition, click here and a representative from the academy will follow up with you.