Screen-Shot-2014-10-15-at-11.27Piano | $499 (4 Week Course)
Starts Jan 27th, 7PM-8:30PM (1 Class Weekly)

Piano lessons are lead by experienced instructors who make learning to play the piano a fun experience. It has been proven that learning to play an instrument makes it easier for our children to learn math, practice patience, and become a better team player.  It is also known that teaching kids to play an instrument introduces them to some basic principles of physics, while assisting them to build self-confidence.  Our courses in piano are fun and allow our participants (children and adults) to explore creativity in music, and in life as a whole.

In this course participants will learn piano finger position and chords, piano chord progressions and basic piano techniques.

For more information, contact our offices and speak with a representative about our instrument learning programs.