Screen-Shot-2014-10-15-at-11Voice | $499 (4 Week Course)
Starts Jan 25th, 7PM-8:30PM (1 Class Weekly)

The Purfek Academy, in conjunction with J4S (Just for Singers), offers a vocal development course for beginners and intermediate performers beginning January 26, 2015.  We have courses for independent professionals as well, which is offered separately.  If you are interested in professional development courses, please reach out to one of our representatives.

The vocal development course is specifically designed for new and budding professionals, working (union) actors, dancers, singers, and aspiring recording artists.

Healthy organic singing begins with creating an awareness of using the body as your instrument. Participants will have an opportunity to study the fundamentals of music and singing in a structured, yet informal class setting. Keeping true to our mantra, “Speak and Sing Your Way to Success,” J4S will teach artists to do just that: to speak and sing their way to success! Voice instructor, Joyce Stovall, will teach you the components of singing: relaxation, breathing, phonation, enunciation, and placement. Students will discover the role that each component plays in speech and singing. Concisely, Joyce will show you how to sing with expression, without straining and inhibition like your favorite idols.

By participating in our classes, young aspiring artists won’t have to bluff or guess their way through auditions; we provide them with the tools to become the professionals of their dreams!

Class size is limited and are expected to fill up quickly so sign up today!